Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Huskers Win!!!

Huskers Win!!!

I'm so excited that Nebraska football is back! I'm so proud of the boys!

I accomplished a lot of chores today which makes me very happy and hungry.


Once my husband got home we started planning our dinner. We started off with a salad:

I tried a new type of cheese on the salad, Grana Padano. My husband really liked the cheese but I'm undecided. It wasn't bad I just need to try it again:

Because today was a Nebraska game day we decided to order in some pizza.

Here is a look at the toppings we like to put on any of the pizza's we get/make:

I had thin crust cheese pizza with peperoni and green olives and a couple buffalo chicken bites:

I also made a large Spaghetti Squash. My husband and I are both going to work on eating better during 2010. I wanted to have this in the fridge for us to heat up and make an easy good dinner.

I'm so glad I discovered this veggie in 2009. We both really enjoy it!

Right now I'm painting my nails this color:

Haven't worn this color in awhile but I do like it.

I'm off to bask in the glow of the Nebraska Cornhusker win!!! WooHoo!!!

Blog at ya later:)

Go Huskers!!!!

Lunch today was nothing new to this blog. I had some of the leftover chili I made for Christmas Eve. I made a ton of this stuff which is fine with me. It is delicious!

One bowl has filled me up very nicely.

Tonight I get to watch my Nebraska Cornhuskers play some football. Go HUSKERS!!!!!


What plans do you have for New Years Eve?

I think I'm just staying home with my husband. Drinking some champagne and sharing our new years goals.

Banana Oats

I really like not having to get up and go to work in the morning. It allows me the time to make a great breakfast! This morning I chose to make some banana oats:

In the mix:

  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 cup skim milk
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 teaspoon brown sugar
  • 1 banana
I also toasted a couple walnuts to put on top:

Teaspoon of peanut butter as the finishing touch:

So good, I wish I had the time to make this every morning!


What is your favorite item to put in your oats?

Mine is peanut butter. I actually like it in almost everything!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cheese, Cocktails and Perogi

My husband had a hard day today. When he came home we sat at the table and had some of our favorite snacks and a drink while we talked about the day.


KerryGold Aged Cheddar, Roasted Garlic Triscuits and Vlasic Hot Jalapeno Slices. We stack all 3 ingredients, put them in our mouths and chew. So good!

The KerryGold Aged Cheddar is definitely my favorite cheese. Everyone should try it!

To help wash down the snack I had a Captain Morgan Diet Coke cocktail:


We started off dinner with the famous sausage bread. We took a bag of these from my mother-in-laws house before we left Michigan. These are a tradition that I really enjoy. I think they are sausage, cheese and some other secret ingredients piled on bread. My mother-in-law did all the hard work so all I had to do today was pop them in the oven and eat!

mmmm ... I like sausage bread:)

The second and final part of our dinner consisted of potato perogi with cajun seasoning sprinkled on top:

After dinner and a little more talking we watched some no brain television. The line up included, The Little Couple, One Big Happy Family, Family Guy and something on the History channel.

Dinner consumed, quality time with family, dogs walked and fed, TV watched. At this time one of our little dogs was trying to tell us one more thing was needed:



How do you unwind after a difficult day?

I like to talk things over with my husband. He gives me a good perspective on whatever is going on. I also know he will be honest with me.

Until tomorrow!

The Lunch of New - Amy's Organic Soups

I 100% enjoyed my lunch today. Everything I had to eat was new to me so I was psyched that I really liked all of it!


Amy's Organic Alphabet soup
Yummers! This soup was so good. I was not expecting something that has "Fat Free" written on the label to be that tasty. But it was!

This soup is going on my shopping list for future grocery trips! I'm excited to try more Amy's soups and let everyone know what I think of them.

I needed some fruit in my system after all the cookies and cocktails I've had over the last couple days.

I decided on a Pink Lady apple. This was another first and I must say the Pink Lady is in my list of top 5 apples.

All sliced up to make them last longer:

Next time I'm going to eat them with some peanut butter on the side:)

I really hope all of Amy's soups are as good as this one! My expectations are high now.


What is your favorite Amy's soup?

Chat at ya later!

Playing Catchup

Wow, these past 2 weeks have been a whirlwind! So much going on and no time to blog. In the next couple days I will be getting back on my blog track. Here are a couple posts that will be appearing on Veggies 'N' Cake in the next couple days:

  • Showplace movie review
  • Ann Arbor anniversary celebration
  • Trip home from Ann Arbor
  • District review
  • Kerryman review
And I can't forget the best part:
  • Read all the posts I've missed from my blog friends!
  • Respond to emails
Whew. I better get busy!

In the meantime, let's take a look at how I started my day today.


Stopped at Caribou and picked up a low-fat Vanilla latte. I love that Caribou gives me 3 shots of espresso with the large latte!

(looks like it is time for Tracey to get a manicure.)

mmm...I love latte's!

I couldn't resist getting a french toast muffin:

The muffin was big so I just ate half of it and it was great.

Blog at ya later!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Newlywed Christmas

Patrick and I had our first Christmas as a married couple. We decided to spend this Christmas just the two of us and the dogs. It would have been nice to spend Christmas surrounded by family but a low key holiday was a good thing this year.

Once we woke up we went straight to the tree:

And I was in charge of divvying up the gifts! I've had this "job" ever since I was little and love it! This year we decided to be earth friendly and instead of wrapping gifts in the traditional wrapping paper, we reused some of the shopping bags laying around the house :)

We let the dogs open their gifts first:

and of course they had to sample some of the goodies Santa left in their stockings:

After the dogs were done it was our turn. I tore into my stocking to see what "Santa" left me. I must say my stocking is awesome!

"Santa" left me all kinds of goodies. Here are a look at a few of them.

Some little umbrellas to put in my cocktails. My husband and I have a trip to St. Maarten planned so these will come in handy as we prepare for the trip!

Everyone knows I'm a big sauce girl so I was psyched to see these babies in my stocking. I got some Trappist Pomegranate Jelly (so excited to try this), Sweet Baby Rays Honey Chipotle BBQ sauce, and A1 Supreme Garlic Sauce!

Presents were opened, stockings emptied and the dogs playing with their toys; the humans needed some coffee. I had a cup of java, with a squirt of vanilla flavoring and frothed milk. It was the first time I used my new frother and it was GREAT!

I had my coffee in a Christmas mug:

We didn't eat breakfast so by the time lunch rolled around we were hungry. I really wanted to have leftovers from our Christmas eve meal and that is exactly what we did:

Next it was movie time! We settled on, Four Christmases which we both thought was good. How can you go wrong with Vince Vaughn!

Our Christmas bottle of Champagne was opened to enjoy during the movie. Once of my fav's Veuve Clicquot.

So good, I love the bubbly!

Presents were opened, coffee drank, lunch digested, movie watched, champagne drank and happy dogs. Only one thing left:

A Santa and dog nap:

Hope everyone had a great holiday! I know I did and I'm looking forward for more to come with my husband. He truly is my best friend and I am so lucky to have found him!

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ann Arbor or Bust

The day after Christmas we set out on a car trip. Patrick, the dogs and myself piled into the car to head to Ann Arbor. My mother and father in-law are celebrating 40 years of marriage and we wanted to be around to celebrate with them.

The trip started out a pretty snow fall.

We had our beverages of water and Dr. Pepper. When you are going to be driving for more than a couple hours you need to be caffeinated.

We started out the trip listening to the radio but once we lost the signal it was all Nickelback. My husband and I both loved this album.

Our puppies were tucked in the back seat. As you can tell by the expressions on the faces, they were not happy about the car ride.

The humans enjoyed the car ride a bit more because of the pretty scenery. All kinds of trees and the snow globe like views.

By 2:00 pm we were really hungry and needed to stop for some food. We found that the choices of restaurants were not that great.

I settled for a taco bell soft shell taco with 5 medium sauces:

A burger from Burger King:

A look at the inside of the burger made me have second thoughts about eating it :/

Patrick and I shared some onion rings:

This little guy kept me busy throughout the entire car ride. He kept trying to sneak into the front seat and wanted to out sing the radio. I've never met a dog that could whine and scream for 6 straight hours and still have a ton of energy!

But, once we reached our destination and got out of the car he was the happiest dog ever! Look at that smile:

My husbands family has a tradition of eating chicken pie on Christmas morning. Since we missed Christmas morning with the family, this year, we were both hoping some chicken pie was left over. We were not disappointed! We both had a piece and it was fantastic!


After hours in the car with a screaming dog I thought I deserved a glass of champagne.

The perfect ending:)