Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sleep Sounds Good!

As I've mentioned in other posts I am having trouble sleeping. So I was more than happy to wake up and have some java with peppermint creamer. Oh so happy!

Notice the big M on my coffee cup, that stands for Michigan. I am a die hard true Nebraska Husker fan but I've married into a Michigan family. I love them so much that I have learned to like the Michigan Wolverines.


Leftover spaghetti squash with tomato sauce and garlic. I can't believe how well this stuff heats up. Next time I go to Whole Foods I'm buying a BIG spaghetti squash so we can have leftovers for lunch.

I love this stuff and can't wait to try out other toppings!


How do you drink your coffee?

I prefer a latte but if I'm drinking coffee I have to add creamer.

1 comment:

  1. if you have a garden at all.. spaghetti squash is SO easy to grow... and one seed produced about 3 squash!! I didn't know that and I planted about 10 seeds ;) haha.. Everyone in my life benefited from it!! :)

    I didn't pay any attention to it, and it kept growing and growing!!