Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Lunch of New - Amy's Organic Soups

I 100% enjoyed my lunch today. Everything I had to eat was new to me so I was psyched that I really liked all of it!


Amy's Organic Alphabet soup
Yummers! This soup was so good. I was not expecting something that has "Fat Free" written on the label to be that tasty. But it was!

This soup is going on my shopping list for future grocery trips! I'm excited to try more Amy's soups and let everyone know what I think of them.

I needed some fruit in my system after all the cookies and cocktails I've had over the last couple days.

I decided on a Pink Lady apple. This was another first and I must say the Pink Lady is in my list of top 5 apples.

All sliced up to make them last longer:

Next time I'm going to eat them with some peanut butter on the side:)

I really hope all of Amy's soups are as good as this one! My expectations are high now.


What is your favorite Amy's soup?

Chat at ya later!


  1. ahh i LOVE pink ladys.. i just had my first one last week too!! SO crispy and sweet!

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