Saturday, February 20, 2010

Coffee, Magazines and Tots!

Happy Saturday everyone! I just love Saturday's, the entire day ahead of me to do whatever I want. The possibilities are endless:)

I'm just taking it easy today. Here is a look at what I would like to accomplish today:
  • Go through magazines
  • Bake cake
  • Clean kitchen
  • Couple loads of laundry
All these tasks are totally doable.

So far I've started off my day with a cup of coffee with vanilla, milk and cinnamon.

In my favorite mug:)

For lunch, my husband and I shared a plate of Lawry's spiced tator tots, dipped in spicy BBQ sauce:

When I was taking the tots out of the oven I actually singed my eyelashes, and I can't afford to lose the little amount of lashes I have. I think the universe was telling me I shouldn't be making tator tots;)

I do believe a salad will be in my future, I'm craving vegetables in a bad way!

Right now I'm trying to plow through this stack of magazines. Then I have another stack I need to work through. I'm a bit of a magazine junkie!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


What do you have planned for today?

I'm going to cross things off my to-do list!


  1. that's such a great mug! mmm tater tots, haven't had those in ages!

  2. Your magazine stack looks a lot like mine! :)