Monday, February 1, 2010

Zapatista - Taco Night

Patrick and I decided to go to Zapatista tonight for dinner. After all the cooking I did yesterday I was totally down for going out tonight. Plus, it was taco night at Zapatista!

The interior is really cool. Lots of brick and bright colors everywhere you look!

Once we were seated the waiter brought us this cute little piggy mortar filled with chips and some salsa on the side.

For drinks we each had a Raspberry Margarita and a shot of Silver Patron:

The margarita was SO good. I love it when I can get a flavored margarita on the rocks.

Our appetizer of choice was Empanadas Veracruzanas. Crispy turnovers of chipotle spiced shrimp over a tomato, caper and Mexican oregano salsa. This was really good. The flavors, shrimp and shell were all good individually but when you put it all together it was excellent!

For my main meal I had the "all you can eat" tacos. I opted to have this dish because I wanted to get a taste of all the different fillings they offered in the tacos.

All of the tacos were good but the best was the Barbacoa which is slow roasted Mexican style beef with onion and guacamole. The meat was so tender and juicy. The flavor of the meat was the best I've had in a Mexican restaurant. So good!

Can't wait to go back and try out some of the other options on the menu.


What is your favorite thing to order in a Mexican restaurant?

I like to order tacos or enchiladas.

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