Wednesday, February 10, 2010

First Couch to 5K Workout!

Sorry about the no post last night but I had a killer sinus headache that last all day! Last night, after work, I came home and slept all night long while the snow piled up outside.

This morning I woke up to a winter wonderland, it was really pretty. After admiring the snow and walking the dogs (who were not a fan of the snow) I broke into my stash of Glo Bars.


Cranberry Pumpkin Spice bar:

So far, this is my favorite Glo bar I've had.

mmm...take a look at the cranberry's!


A small side of pasta salad.

A cup of ham, potato and cabbage soup.

Look at the chunks of cabbage! I love cabbage, so good.


Around 3:00 I headed up to the gym and did my first Couch to 5K workout. The workout was good and I felt great after.

I worked up a bit of an appetite so I broke out my pear.

Happy Hour

Look at the adorable Diet Coke can. A heart just in time for Valentines day.

And a glass of Captain Morgan to mix with the adorable Coke!

Now I need to think of something to eat for dinner, so exciting!


  1. Good work on the couch to 5k!

    That diet coke can is cute :-)

  2. That's great that you started you program! Sorry to hear about the sinus headache, though...

  3. Thats one tasty looking bar :)

  4. I'm doing the C25K too! Congrats on the first run (I know this is a little late, though!). Hope it's still going well :)