Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Temporary leave.

I wanted to let my readers know that I'm going to be taking a short post hiatus. Have some things I need to focus on in my personal and professional life.

I will be back to my regular daily posting soon, you guys can't get rid of me that easy;)

Blog at ya'll later!

p.s. So strange doing a post without some sort of photo!


  1. Really??!! I am going to miss your posts!!! I hope to see you back in the blog world really soon :)

    I hope you are well!


  2. I hope everything's ok. We'll miss you here in the bloggerverse, but take the time you need (of course)! :)

  3. Have a nice blog break!! I think I will be taking one soon too. We are moving and I won't have time to blog. Everyone needs a break sometimes. Have a nice weekend!

  4. hope everything's ok! sometimes a break is good ;) in the mean time, go get some more bacon popcorn!!