Saturday, January 23, 2010

Weekend Mornings are The Best

Today was kind of a backward morning. Usually my weekend mornings start off with coffee but today I decided to cook first.

The last couple days I've been wanting a breakfast wrap so today was the day I would make it happen. I scrambled some eggs with milk, cayenne pepper, garlic powder and some bacon crumbles. I then wrapped the eggs in a tortilla, added some hot Cholula sauce and a bit of left over chili:


Following breakfast we walked to Caribou and I got a latte:

Great Breakfast!!!


What is your favorite place to get coffee?

I'm actually torn between Starbucks and Caribou.


  1. ah I love using the mornings to make a nice relaxing luxurious breakfast!

  2. YUM! What a great morning. I really enjoy caribou but I've only been there a few times. Starbucks is SO my go to. <3 Happy weekend