Sunday, January 3, 2010

Casarecce Organic Pasta

Remember my Whole Foods Blogger post. Well I finally got around to trying out the Casarecce pasta that was included in the swag bag. I honestly thought this would be just like any other pasta but I was wrong. The flavor and texture is fantastic. It is like the sauce clings onto the noodles instead of sliding off.

Check out the shape and color of these noodles:


Pasta and marinara sauce with garlic powder sprinkled on top:

I highly recommend that all you pasta lovers out there try this pasta. You can get it at Whole Food's and it is SO good!


What is you favorite pasta shape?

I like angel hair pasta the best. Not sure if it is do to the shape or that it cooks really fast;)


  1. I love those noodles - I'll have to try them next time I'm at WFM. I have this new shape of pasta, but of course can't remember what it is called - kind of like an open shell (does that make sense?) that I'm excited to try out soon!

  2. I love pasta... I think my fav is angel hair, but I like to mix it up with penne and rigatoni every once in a while!

  3. New to your blog...glad I found it!

    I am a huge pasta girl and I've never seen this shape before. I just made gnochetti last night and loved the shape/texture.

  4. ooo yum!
    i love that shape-reminds me of my childhood!

  5. My favorite shape of pasta is definitely shells!!!