Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First night in St. Maarten

By the time I got to the resort we were staying at I could only think about one thing. Dinner! I was starving and needed food pronto! We went to a restaurant called Beau Beau's.


I ordered a Diet Coke to drink:

And Mahi Mahi with Creole seasoning for dinner:

The fish was okay but nothing special. I think I had set my expectations to high.

After Dinner Drinks

Patrick and I stopped at the pool bar to have a cocktail while sitting poolside, listening to the ocean and gazing at the stars, heaven!

I ordered a St. Maarten Mama. Not sure what was in it but it did the job of relaxing me:)

I didn't enjoy dinner earlier in the evening so I was still hungry. Believe me, it's not a pretty thing when I'm hungry! We went for a walk and found this little place that serves pizza. I LOVE pizza. We ordered a spicy sauce, cheese and peporoni pizza and it was great:

We brought the pizza back to our room and watched crime shows while eating. Once our stomach's were full we went to bed in preparation for our first full day (Sunday) on the island!

Stay tuned for details!


  1. awww have fun!! so jelous!! pizza is such a great late night meal :)

  2. The pizza looks fantastic! Hope the weather is good and that you're enjoying your trip so far....

  3. Sounds like you're enjoying yourselves! The pizza does look amazing, I love it when I can see flakes of pepper and other spices on top.

  4. So fun! Hope you have a blast :-)

  5. You lucky girl! Glad you found some pizza.

  6. Well I know for sure the food situation got better or at least the company you ate it with did!!