Thursday, October 14, 2010

No Machine Pesto

My husband talks a lot.

He amazes me with all the information he has in his brain and it's great that he wants to share his knowledge with others. However, sometimes my brain can't take it and I have to tune him out (sorry, Patrick, I love you!).

With that said, he has more than a couple stories that are impossible to tune out. One of those stories has to do with his love for Pesto. He has fond memories of visiting his grandma's house, in Tennessee, when he was little. As a little boy he remembers watching his grandma's "male friend" make fresh pesto and how wonderful it tasted. P has mentioned, multiple times, that that was the best pesto ever and nothing has compared to it ... until now.

Start with cleaned and dried fresh basil:

3 cloves fresh garlic:

Small handful of pine nuts:

Fresh grated Parmesan cheese:

Start chopping the basil and garlic:

add pine nuts and continue chopping (at this point you will thanking your good knife or cursing at your not-so-good knife):

add grated cheese and, yep, chop away (no blender or food processor allowed):

All ingredients should be chopped to oblivion and formed into a pesto brick:

Mix in a small amount of good olive oil:

Add to pasta and you will be enjoying a fantastic dish of pesto pasta!

Yep, I've been able to recreate a dish from my husbands past. He says it tastes just as good as his memories.

However, part of his admission may have to do with the fact that he watched me working away and he has to live me with:) Either way, I'll take the compliment!
Have you ever prepared pesto from scrach?


  1. Whoop whoop! Way to make a jammin pesto! I've made a few pestos and Rachael Ray's pea-sto. I've enjoyed them all

  2. What a good wife! ;) Your pesto sounds awesome and I must say, I'm impressed with your chopping skills!

  3. Love this!! (Partially because I hate cleaning food processor!) How easy and I bet it tastes AMAZING!

  4. Nice job making a pesto that your husband loves! I'm so impressed that you made your pesto without a food processor - I must try it! Er, or make my husband do it ;)

    Have a great day!

  5. Lesley - I am a pretty good wife:) My knife skills aren't the greatest but I still have all my fingers so I did good!

    Emily - It was super easy and the clean up was a cinch which is the best part!

  6. Congrats on the run!! That's fantastic. Despite it being difficult, you came through and beat your PR, great!

    I have never made real pesto, mainly because I can't eat garlic. I have made mock pesto before, with spinach and broccoli, and no garlic. Tasty, but not quite as delicious!