Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Meatyballs !?!

I can't wait until the day that work doesn't consume my thoughts and my time both day and night. Not only will I have a better work life balance and be a happier person all around but my blog will be much more interesting!


Starbucks grande skinny vanilla latte:


I've been a fan of Chef Foss' food and humor for some time now. When I heard that he was moving on from his gig at Lockwood and starting a food truck featuring meatballs, I was excited.

My husband and I have been stalking following his twitter account to see where the food truck would be parked. We were not very successful, either the truck was too far away or he was sold out of sandwiches by the time we go to the truck.

This all changed on Monday. We finally tracked the Meatyballs Mobile down:

Ordered 2 sandwiches to split.

The first sandwich was the Meatyballs. I always like to try the food named after the restaurant (or in this case, food truck)!

However, this was not the sandwich we were expecting. We were expecting meatballs with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese - YUM!!! Instead we got the meatballs with mushrooms, shallots and 4 cheese sauce.

I don't like mushrooms so this sandwich didn't taste all that great to me. I found it kind of bland but it would have been good with tomato sauce or BBQ sauce.

The second sandwich was the Thai'd Turkey Balls - Coconut Milk, Chili Sauce, Lemongrass. This sandwich was very tasty and the chili sauce gave it a really nice flavor.

Looking forward to going back and taking a bite out of the BBQ Pork Balls!

After our ball themed lunch my husband decided to get a shoe shine.

The shoe shiner actually lit Patrick's shoes on fire, totally crazy! Can you see it?


We have no food in our house so we went to Flo & Santos. I just love all the exposed brick in this place:

Crispin cider to drink:

Sauerkraut and Canadian bacon pizza:

Flo & Santo's has become one of my favorite places for thin crust pizza. So flavorful and I really like all the different types of toppings.


Have you ever eaten out of a food truck? If not, would you?


  1. I've only eaten out of one food truck, but the food is always amazing!!

  2. They always smell so good in NYC! Although Io have never had some...

  3. I have never heard of Meatyballs Mobile! WHO KNEW! My hubs will LOVE this!

  4. We don't really have food tricks in SC- but I would love to try one :) They seem like a lot of fun. Bummer that the first sandwich wasn't what you were expecting- but hooray for the second. Dinner looks gorgeous too. Love brick. Enjoy your week