Thursday, May 6, 2010

Desert Mouth

Ever have those days were you wake up with (what feels like) a desert in your mouth? That was me Wednesday morning. I think it probably had something to do with the salt that was in the stir fry my husband made the night before.

Usually I go for coffee in the morning but this time around I went for a big bottle of water and some Crystal Light:

Add the CL packet to the water, shake and this is what you get:

My eating today was not very nutritious. I had so much going on at work and for some reason I wasn't really that hungry so I accidentally skipped lunch. Not a good thing when you are planning on working out later in the day.

I knew I needed to have something in my stomach before I worked out so I decided to try a LUNA protein bar:

Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor, how can a person go wrong with chocolate and peanut butter:

The bar was actually pretty tasty. It didn't taste like a candy bar but why would it. The 12 grams of protein did it's job because after eating this bar I wasn't hungry at all. I was actually really satisfied. I'm going to try out a couple more flavors of this bar and of course I will share with everyone what I think.

Wednesday was Cinco de Mayo so dinner was easy. I celebrated the holiday with my favorite go to Mexican restaurant, Flaco's Taco's!

A taco with beef, potato, lettuce and salsa:

I ate about half of this burrito. Filled with beef, potato and cheese:

I just love the flavor of the beef and the potato picks up that flavor and oh my word, it's heaven!

Topped off with hot sauce cause everything is better with hot sauce:


As I mentioned earlier my plan was to workout and I'm happy to say that I came through on that plan.

I walked for 5 min, ran for 25 min, walked for 5 min and than did some stretching to total 45 minutes of exercise:

And I burned 407 calories:

I think those 407 calories burned will offset a bite of that burrito ;) Just kidding, I think it's fine that I had a burrito as long as I don't have that big burrito everyday.

Moderation is key!


What is the first thing you grab to drink in the morning? Mine is coffee or water.

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