Tuesday, November 10, 2009

One Month Anniversary

First and most important I want to say, Happy Anniversary Patrick! My husband and I have officially been married for one month today. I am so lucky to have found him and have him in my life from this point on. I love him with all my heart and more!

The last couple nights I've been having a really hard time falling asleep at night. I'm not drinking a ton of caffeine and I'm not exercising before bed time. I think the problem is I have so much on my mind it is hard to "shut off" my brain so I can rest. Throughout the day everything is fast paced and loud (living in downtown Chicago is very loud) so the only time I really have to stop and think is at night. When all the noise has stopped and it is just me. I need to figure out how to "turn the noise in my brain" off at night so I can get some good zzzz's!

This morning's breakfast was healthy for me and tasted good too. Can't beat that! To drink I had some Tazo Awake tea. I'm really liking this stuff. It is a blend of black teas and is a tea of boldness, depth and character, invigorating any time of day (at least that is what the package says). I would have to agree this tea has been doing a nice job of keeping me awake and alert instead of my normal latte.

I was really hungry this morning but did not have the time to make breakfast. Actually the only time I make breakfast is on the weekends because I'm just not awake enough during the work week mornings. I grabbed a Banana Nut Odwalla bar. I've had these before so I knew it would do the trick of filling me up and it doesn't hurt that it tastes fantastic. It is kind of sweet and has a little crunch to it.

Lunch was so satisfying. I had Mongolian stir fry which consisted of carrots, cabbage, celery, green peppers, lettuce leaves, onions, broccoli and chicken with a spicy chili sauce. All of these wonderful veggies were placed on top of half cup white rice. Nothing bad to say about this dish, pretty healthy and I got some protein.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this entry it is my husband and I's one month wedding anniversary. We decided to celebrate by first going out to Ceres and have a drink. I had a Captain Morgan Diet Coke.

And for dinner I ordered, yet again, the Asian Chicken Salad at Ceres.

After Ceres the hubby and I stopped at The Martini Bar. This bar is located in the financial district of downtown Chicago. It is a small bar located on a side street but once you get inside you are glad to be at The Martini Bar.

Check out this fireplace.

The Martini Park has a back room that you can rent out for parties. It is the perfect size for a gathering of close friends.

A little couch area in the back room:

And check out this painting on the wall. So cool!

Once at the bar we decided on a Pumpkin Spice and Chocolate Mint Martini. No, we did not get one of each for each of us. We just got one of each and shared them.

The Pumpkin Spice martini was amazing. I loved it and it was perfect for a fall evening.

The Chocolate Mint martini was also very tasty. How pretty does this drink look?

Great night and tomorrow I have the day off work.


How have you celebrated anniversaries?

Have a nice night everyone!


  1. The hubby and I usually go out and have a nice dinner and hotel stay. A night without our son is a nice treat, but we miss him like crazy. I hope you enjoy your day off. I wish I wasn't at work right now.

  2. oooh, I have been thinking about making a pumpkin martini for a holiday party - what did they put in it???

  3. WOW to the pumpkin spice martini!!! I can't really imagine alcohol and pumpkin together, but it really looks like mousse in a glass. In other words, delicious. hehehe I'm glad I found your blog!! I love finding out about hidden gems in Chicago! :)

  4. Hi Emily!
    The Pumpkin Martini had the following in it...
    Absoulte Vodka
    Creme de Cocoa
    Irish Creme
    A splash of Pumpkin Spice Simple Syrup.

    I believe the Pumpkin Spice Simple syrup was Torani brand. You can find it on Amazon. Don't know for sure but I think this was the brand.

    If you make it be sure to let me know how you like it!